Ottawa considers dozens maps



Ottawa is considering dozens more marine protected areas in Maritime waters, according to maps and other data shared by the federal government with stakeholders.CBC News has received stakeholder planning maps based on information supplied by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans as part of its consultations.

The maps show 24 proposed marine protected areas (MPA) on the Scotian Shelf, including the entire Bras d’Or Lakes in Cape Breton and dozens more in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.Ottawa looking at 3 new marine conservation areas off Nova Scotia coast
That would represent a big increase on the Scotian Shelf, where two MPAs have been enshrined in law and three more have been declared areas of interest.

Canada is trying to set aside 10 per cent of ocean and coastal waters by 2020.DFO has not consulted us on these,’ says ministerNova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell says the sites on the map are the same as those presented to the province by DFO.

He says they show about 25 per cent of the waters around Nova Scotia under potential marine protection.Quite frankly, DFO has not consulted us on these. We had no part in that, the selection of those sites or those potential sites,” Colwell told CBC News.

He said the scientific information justifying the site selection hasn’t been presented to the province, either.If we would have seen it, maybe we would accept it,” said Colwell.Political issue.
The size and number of areas under some form of federal marine protection has become a political issue in Atlantic Canada, with the premiers of Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador expressing concerns about the potential impact on fishing and offshore energy development.The fishing industry is also concerned.

A lot of those areas completely overlap with very productive fishing areas going back to the ’70s, ’80s and to today,” says Kris Vascotto, executive director of the Groundfish Enterprise Allocation Council, which represents larger harvesting and processing companies.Those interests have to be respected in the creation of marine protected areas,” he says.

The maps sent to the CBC reveal areas under consideration that have not been made public.Premier wants Ottawa to permit drilling in restricted marine areas
The maps were created by the Mi’kmaq consultation team by overlaying data from DFO to produce what is known as a network map. It’s a collection of areas currently under protection, declared an area of interest or proposed as a marine protected area.

A photo was taken at a meeting this week and sent to the CBC, not by First Nations. DFO ‘on the verge’ of releasing its mapThe maps are not produced by DFO, but they would come from sessions where we shared information,” says Jeff MacDonald, DFO’s director general of ocean management.

He said the department is “on the verge” of releasing its network map and would not discuss what is in the map obtained by CBC.When we are ready to release the map, you will be able to make that comparison,” he said.




At the point when Pasquale Rotella reported that this year would check the main ever chance for Headliners to camp at EDC Las Vegas, the buildup started to develop. Numerous long-term participants were advertised on another involvement with EDCLV, while other people who hadn’t considered going to in the past were attracted to the celebration also. As the months went on more points of interest were reported, from the opening party including Excision to the rundown of epic exercises to partake in, the fervor for Camp EDC is at an unsurpassed high.

Knowing how insane EDC Week can be and needing to ensure you’re set up for what’s in store at Camp EDC this year, we’ve accumulated the absolute most pivotal data that you’ll have to know. Look at it underneath and let us realize what you’re most energized during the current year in the comments!TEXTING SERVICE: If you require security, therapeutic or some other help, just content “EDC” to 69050, expressing your area and the idea of the issue. Case: EDC – My companion isn’t feeling great. Would someone be able to please come beware of her? She’s at the edge of first and Wide Awake.

Camp EDC Ins and Outs Info:

All campers will have in/out benefits to and from the celebration (amid celebration hours) and a devoted campers-just celebration entrance.

Campers must sweep in and out while going from the campground to the celebration and the other way around. This is required keeping in mind the end goal to pick up reentry.

Campers with a substantial Camp EDC wristband are permitted to leave Camp EDC by walking.

Festivalgoers who don’t have substantial Camp EDC wristbands won’t have in/out benefits from the celebration to the campground or access to the campground whenever

The end of the week starts with the official Camp EDC Kickoff Party on Thursday, from 10pm– 3am, highlighting a unique execution by celebrated around the world dubstep maker Excision, who will feature the Parliament Art Car, and additionally furious sets by G Jones and Habstrakt.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings from 1– 4pm, campers are welcome to the Oasis Pool for our Daytime Pool Parties, facilitated by Space Yacht (Friday), Insomniac Records (Saturday), and Brownies and Lemonade All Stars (Sunday).

The celebration closes at sunup on Monday, however for campers, the authority EDC Closing Party goes till 10am! Meet in the Mesa for one final hurrah, and see what uncommon visitors we have in store!

Upon registration, one individual from each EDC tent outdoors amass must present a Mastercard with a coordinating substantial personal ID. A transitory $250 hold will be put on the charge card until the point that the tent and hardware are assessed upon checkout. You are in charge of all harms to the tent and gear while in your ownership and any repair costs or potentially over the top cleaning costs acquired because of your utilization of the tent and hardware.

Every campground will highlight a 4-port USB strip in which to plug their electronic gadgets.

For any extra embellishments that should be connected to a standard electrical outlet, charging stations will be given in the Mesa, and in addition close to the shower mixes.

Each tent will be furnished with enough energy to maintain task for the ventilating unit and USB strip. Unplugging either the aeration and cooling system or the USB control plug and interfacing an outer thing risks over-burdening the circuit, representing a wellbeing danger to whatever remains of the campground.

On the off chance that a visitor unplugs the aeration and cooling system or USB strip, outdoors staff claim all authority to unplug the tent from the power framework for the rest of the celebration. This is for the wellbeing and solace of all visitors of Camp EDC.

U.K. Only Now Asks Business to Map


The U.K. government has requested that business bunches delineate supply chains to signal the zones of the economy most in danger if Brexit forces extra exchanging costs on exporters, two individuals comfortable with the issue said.

One of the general population communicated confusion that it’s taken so ache for the administration to request the information. It’s only 10 months until the point that the nation formally stops the European Union, and Prime Minister Theresa May’s Cabinet – and to be sure her Conservative Party- – is as yet tarrying on what sort of traditions courses of action to seek after post-separate.

The course the legislature chooses will figure out what load exporters face, and whether it’s as yet suitable for them to exchange with the EU and with third nations Britain now has exchange concurrences with as an individual from the coalition.

The remiss demand is intended to help pastors and exchange arbitrators comprehend which divisions and organizations remain to lose the most if Britain’s takeoff from the traditions association prompts expensive tenets of root, whereby exporters need to demonstrate the extent of the estimation of their items that stems from residential generation.

One inquiry is the reason has it taken this long to inquire. The work is profoundly mind boggling, with a few makers utilizing parts that cross outskirts a few times amid the creation procedure. Some should dig into their own particular store network, as well as into their providers’ also.

The main way you maintain a strategic distance from the expenses of standards of source completely is to stay in a traditions association with the EU, yet that being said you may have a few issues in connection to exchange concurrences with third nations,” Sam Lowe, an exchange specialist at the Center for European Reform, said in a telephone meet. “Truant the U.K. staying in a traditions association with the EU, it’s extremely hard to perceive how over the long haul, complex assembling in the U.K. stays practical.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy influenced the demand in February to the nation’s fundamental business to campaign bunches and in addition extensive organizations and exchanging relationship for various segments, as indicated by the two individuals, who talked on state of secrecy in light of the fact that the work isn’t open. The Department didn’t promptly react to a demand for input.

May is confronting defiant administrators in both the House of Lords and House of Commons who need to keep Britain in the EU’s exchange administration – which sets regular outside duties while enabling products to movement uninhibitedly inside the alliance. She is additionally thinking about two alternatives on what may supplant it.

Her favored arrangement is an untested program that would see Britain requiring duties at EU rates after Brexit, giving discounts to products bound to British markets if U.K. duties are lower. However, individuals from her Brexit war bureau support by 6-5 a moment choice depending on trusted dealer projects and innovation.

The EU has begun to draw in with May’s favored decision, having already said neither could work.As an individual from the traditions association, Britain doesn’t need to agree to standards of starting point for exchange with the coalition’s other 27 individuals, since it imposes an indistinguishable duties from them to different countries on items at its outer fringe.

When it’s left the exchanging alliance, regardless of whether the EU and U.K. concur for their two-sided exchange to remain duty free, the coalition is probably going to need confirmation of the beginning of items to guarantee that shabby segments from different countries aren’t utilizing Britain as a secondary passage to sidestep EU taxes. The cost of consistence is assessed at 2 percent to 6 percent of the aggregate cost of a decent, as per Lowe.

Normally, organized commerce assentions require around 55 percent of the estimation of an item to originate from generation in the trading country. For Britain, that could represent an issue in light of the fact that in enterprises, for example, auto-production, just around 41 percent of the estimation of autos made locally comes from nearby generation, as indicated by Lowe.

Niantic is building AR maps with help from ‘Pokémon Go’ players


Niantic may have part from Google years prior, yet there’s a tad of Google culture left – specifically, the Maps part. The engineer disclosed to Reuters that it’s intending to make 3D increased reality maps with the assistance of Pokémon Go players’ cameras. Gamers would help outline spaces, (for example, parks and courts) so the AR experience could reach out to the whole condition, not simply characters. Also, significantly, these wouldn’t be constrained to Niantic’s own diversions – the organization wants to offer these AR maps to outsider designers.

The technique is moderately new in the AR world, where will probably observe organizations filtering situations with devoted gear. Google just barely reviewed an enlarged reality route include). Be that as it may, Niantic would take after a natural technique of transforming an amusement’s area information into a plan of action – Foursquare, for instance, gives its business registration information to outsiders.

The organization didn’t state when the mapping would begin, or whether it would incorporate data from the up and coming Harry Potter AR diversion. Any utilization of the innovation may rely upon Niantic guaranteeing clients that it won’t gather private data, however. While it’d be generally simple to anonymize information gathering, there will undoubtedly be individuals stressed that they’ll coincidentally make open AR maps of their homes.

Bungie is outstanding for incorporating secretive references in its recreations, however it’s not frequently those references prompt true picks up. A gigantic group of gamers researching a zone in Destiny 2’s new Warmind extension decoded a detailed figure confound that, at last, created a message with land arranges in upstate New York (helpfully, close to the home of Warmind designer Vicarious Visions). That, thusly, prompted an extremely unmistakable prize that included not just coins (one for every individual who visits), yet an existence measure copy of the Valkyrie weapon from the diversion – the main illustration you’ll discover outside of Bungie and Vicarious Visions.

The geocache is an offered to scrounge up buildup for Warmind, no doubt. All things considered, it’s remarkable that it was in the diversion regardless. Bungie and its accomplice studios have been relentlessly tending to objections about Destiny 2, yet there haven’t been numerous especially profound mysteries among them. Riddles like this give players motivation to stay put resources into the amusement… regardless of whether it includes wandering outside the amusement.